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Beebe Announces February 2013 Annual Health Fair
Beebe Medical Center invites the community to its 2013 Health Fair to take place Saturday, February 9 at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.
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Healthy Ways to Avoid Holiday Blues
During the holidays, does it feel like everyone is celebrating except you? If you suffer from depression, the pressures that come with the holidays can make you feel even worse. Learn coping techniques that can help you deal with this time of year in a healthy manner.
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5 Tips for Better Fitness
Are you looking to improve your fitness? Maybe a busy schedule or lack of planning is getting in the way. Try these tips to get on track.
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Stronger Bones, Stronger Heart Go Together
Being proactive about your health should be a priority when you have heart failure. But is monitoring your bone health on your to-do list? Here’s why it matters.
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Pan-Fried Meat Linked to Advanced Prostate Cancer
Burgers may be delicious when they’re just out of the frying pan. But the way you cook red meat may make a difference to more than your taste buds. Learn why—and discover healthier ways to prepare meat.
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Young Women Keep Tanning, Despite the Risks
Long, lazy beach days may be a distant dream this winter. But the risk for skin cancer doesn’t fade with the summer sun. The one-third of young white women who regularly use tanning beds run this risk … and the numbers are growing. Find out what the risks are and how you can protect the young women in your life.
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Beebe Home Health Named in Top 500 Home Health Agencies by HomeCare Elite
Beebe Home Health Agency today announced that it has been named to the Top 500 of the 2012 HomeCare Eliteā„¢, a compilation of the top-performing home health agencies in the United States. Now in its seventh year, the HomeCare Elite identifies the top 25 percent of agencies and further highlights the top 100 and top 500 agencies overall. Winners are ranked by an analysis of publicly available performance measures in quality outcomes, process measure implementation, patient experience (Home Health CAHPS), quality improvement, and financial performance.
Top 500 of the 2012 HomeCare Elite
Partnering for Better Health: Beebe Medical Center Annual Report Published
Beebe Medical Center shares its initiatives and accomplishments for the Fiscal Year (July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012) in a special issue of the Beacon, dated December 2012. Read it to learn more about Beebe Medical Center and our collaboration with the community, improving care transtions and integrating care for our patients, and our 2013 Healthgrades Awards. The publication also highlights hospital qualify measures and proivde the financial and community benefit reports,
Beebe Medical Center Annual Report
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