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Pediatric Breakthroughs at The Children's Hospital of Michigan
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Children's Hospital of Michigan Limiting Patient Visitation to 18 and over
To protect patients and families from getting and/or spreading the flu virus this season, The Children’s Hospital of Michigan is restricting inpatient visits to parents, legal guardians and guests age 18 and older. For more information on kids and flu or H1N1, visit H1N1.


Department plays key role in development of three new treatment devices
Children’s was the only U.S. center to participate in three AO Foundation studies that developed devices for treatment of complex fractures.
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Process improvement leads to increased safety in spinal surgery
Standardizing techniques, equipment and post-op management all led to a zero percent surgical infection rate in spinal surgery at Children’s.
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Centralized scheduling improves patient satisfaction in orthopedics
When patient satisfaction in the appointment scheduling area was in the 64th percentile, Children’s made some very effective changes. The results?
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