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Pediatric nephrology handbook co-written by Children's VPMA
Rulolph Valentini, MD, vice president of medical affairs and director of dialysis services for the DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan, co-created and co-edited a comprehensive handbook entitled, Clinician's Manual of Pediatric Nephrology. The handbook offers fundamental information required to make good clinical assessments and management decisions in children with renal disorders. Children's Hospital of Michigan experts Tej Mattoo, MD, Gaurav Kapur, MD and Yegappan Lakshmanan, MD, chief of urology, were also among the book's contributors

David Rosenberg, MD, chief, Division of Psychology and Psychiatry, and Miriam L. Hamburger Endowed Chair of Child Psychiatry at DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan, is lead author and editor of Pharmacotherapy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders, 3rd Edition. The textbook, published by Wiley, serves as an important tool for health professionals involved in the care of children and adolescents with major psychiatric disorders. Rosenberg, who is also professor of Psychiatry at the Wayne State University School of Medicine, previously authored Pharmacotherapy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders, 1st Edition in 1994. For several years, it was the first and only book of its kind.


Pediatric Plastic Surgeon Studies Clinical Outcomes of Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments for Pierre Robin Sequence (PRS)
Using neonatal sleep study data and other clinical outcomes, a Children’s Hospital of Michigan pediatric plastic surgeon is studying a wide range of treatment options available for children with the trio of congenital facial anomalies known as Pierre Robin Sequence (PRS).
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Pediatric Nephrologist Studies Role of Antimicrobial Prophylaxis in Children with Vesicoureteral Reflux
How effective is antimicrobial prophylaxis in the treatment of children with vesicoureteral reflux (VUR)? With more than $4 million in NIH grants, a pediatric nephrologist at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan is seeking answers.
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Physician Link Line Improves Communication with Pediatric Subspecialists
Thanks to the Physician Link Line at the DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan, physicians at a suburban hospital were able to talk with the pediatric orthopaedic surgeon on call at Children's about an 8-year-old with multiple fractures and arrange for the patient’s transfer within five minutes.
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Grateful Kidney Transplant Recipient Starts Her Own Non-Profit to Help Kids
Kennedy Carter of Mayville, Michigan, knows a thing or two about being in the hospital. After complaints of feeling weak and anemic in 2008, doctors at DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan determined she had microscopic polyangiitis (MPA), a disorder causing blood vessel inflammation which can lead to organ damage.
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The Physician Link Line makes it easier than ever for referring physicians to admit, transfer, check patient status, make specialty patient appointments and consult with the experts at the Children's Hospital of Michigan. Call 877-99-4THEN (8436) or click on the link below:

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