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After 20 years, Holly woman lives painfree

Jan Mobley lived with excruciatingly painful migraine headaches for more than 20 years with no hope of relief until she heard about Avery Jackson, MD, a neurosurgeon at Genesys.

“I was taking so much medication to relieve the headaches that I ended up an addict,” the Holly resident explains. “I feel like I missed watching my three kids grow up because I was so out of it all the time.”

Jan started having migraines after her children were born. “The pain would start in my neck, and then my whole head would throb and pulsate. Even my hair hurt. My 12-year-old daughter was doing most of the cooking and laundry because I was incapacitated.”
Through the years, Jan went from one neurologist to another seeking relief, but nothing worked. “Doctors over and over told me I was too young for such a high risk surgery, and then I’d get higher dosages of my meds. I can’t believe my husband stayed with me all those years … I just wasn’t there.”

But the family persevered, and after one last rehab stay to get clean, Jan lived with the disabling pain for six more years until she met Dr. Jackson. “Our neighbors raved about him, so we went to see him.

“He asked me when I wanted to have the surgery and I started crying.”

During a high risk procedure, Dr. Jackson replaced multiple degenerative loose discs that were causing Jan’s migraines. He conducted a multi-level cervical fusion on C-4, C-5, C-6 and C-7 by working through the front of her neck, placing peek cages (special material with some properties similar to disc material), and adding an ultra thin titanium plate.

The surgery took place Feb. 8, 2006, and Jan woke up in the recovery room at Genesys without a headache. “And I have not had one ever again! Thank God Dr. Jackson works miracles with his hands!

“I haven’t lost any mobility,” she adds. “I can’t put my chin all the way down to touch my neck, but that’s my only limitation,” Jan is thrilled to say.

“After all those years of misery, pain and torture, Dr. Jackson was able to eliminate Jan’s headaches for good. He was a blessing,” says her husband, Tim.

“Genesys is our hospital now!” he says with confidence. “I need knee surgery and I want a doctor at Genesys to do the surgery.”

“If hindsight was foresight …. if I had found Dr. Jackson 20 years ago … Jan pauses …”my whole life would be different …

“… I’m a whole new person now! I got my life back again! Dr. Jackson saved my life. Without him I didn’t have a life.”

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Last reviewed: March 2007


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