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APRIL 2011

Some Women in Their 50s May Need Osteoporosis Screening
New guidelines suggest that some women as young as 50 may benefit from regular bone measurement tests. Find out if you should begin regular screenings and how you can help prevent disease-related fractures.
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Study Shows Stress-Reduction Therapy May Benefit Heart Patients
If you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease, new research indicates that learning how to cope with stress and anger may help reduce your risk for heart attack and stroke. Find out why you might want to think about including stress reduction therapy in your treatment plan.
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As Seen on TV: Do Exercise Gadgets Work?
Can you shake, push, or rock your way to a better body? The makers of fitness products like the Shake Weight, Shape-Ups toning shoes, and the Perfect Push-Up would have you believe you can. Find out if science backs their claims and what better alternatives may exist.
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Four Possible Causes for Your Child’s Stomachache
April is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month, so it’s a good time to learn the common causes of children’s stomachaches. The following guide just might save you some time—and help get your child the proper treatment.
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Keeping the Weight Off Is All About You
You’ve done it—you’ve lost some weight and are feeling pretty proud of yourself. But now comes another hurdle—figuring out how to keep those pounds from creeping back. Try these tips.
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Barley: It Isn’t Just for Beer
It’s hard to miss all the news about whole grains. Everything from breads to crackers and cereals shouts “whole grain” on its package these days. That’s a good thing, but some quieter whole grains are worth seeking out, too. Like barley!
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