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Sleep Disorders Center at New London Hospital
If your Primary Care Provider recommends a sleep study, the Sleep Disorders Center at New London Hospital is a patient friendly, convenient option for your care.
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New Providers Join New London Practice
Mary Scott, APRN and Arlene Halsted, APRN join the New London Internal Medicine Practice. Both providers are accepting new patients.
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MAY 2011

Lack of Sleep May Raise Risk for Heart Disease, Stroke
Think a large coffee in the morning will make up for the sleep you lost? Think again. New research shows that adequate sleep can be vital to your heart and vascular health. Find out why sleep might be more important than you think.
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Help Your Child Avoid Swimmer’s Ear
Summer is nearly here—a great time to be in the water. It’s also a time when kids are more likely to get swimmer’s ear. Find out how to help your child avoid this painful infection.
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Easier Biking for Those with Arthritis
Bumps on the road—combined with hard-to-grip handlebars—can make biking an uncomfortable option for those with arthritis. Find out how to minimize biking discomforts so you can maximize your pedal power.
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Should You See a Doctor About That Cut?
You may be out mountain biking or just fixing things around the house when something goes wrong—leaving you with a nasty cut. Most cuts are routine, but read on to find out when to get medical care.
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Grow Fit Through Gardening
Working in your yard can be a great change of pace from the machines at the gym. Try these tips for adapting a gardening workout to your fitness level and dodging outdoor hazards.
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