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Hospital Days 2011 Is Coming!
Be part of a New London Hospital tradition! Join family and friends for the 87th Hospital Days. Start the day at the Pancake Breakfast and then enjoy family activities, Community Crafters Show & Sale, the New London Rotary lunch tent, the Parade, Battle of the Bands and the Movie on the Green. August 6. The 28th Annual Triathlon is on August 7. events/hospital_days/index.php
JUNE 2011

Serve Up Safety at Summer Cookouts
Cooking on the grill is a great way to entertain friends and family during the summer months. But one simple oversight, such as mixing cooked foods with raw foods, can lead to disaster. Don't let food poisoning ruin your summer plans. Instead, keep these four steps in mind each time you cook out.
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Keep Young Swimmers Safe This Summer
Child drownings often occur quickly. Find out what can help parents stay on guard in and around the water.
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The Secret to Better Skin? Try Some TLC
Pricey products to help your skin look younger are everywhere these days. Taking care of your skin, though, doesn’t have to be complicated—or expensive.
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Dairy Delivers Plenty of Health Benefits
There’s more to milk than building bones. Here are some other reasons to put dairy in your daily diet.
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Nag or Nudge: Helping Others Live Better
Maybe you’re exercising more and eating better and want to share the benefits. Perhaps a loved one needs to make changes because of a health concern. You first impulse may be to harp, but research shows nagging may backfire. Here’s how to take a positive approach.
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Automobiles a Surprising Fall Hazard for Older Adults
It’s not only oncoming traffic you need to look out for when traveling by car—it’s also that uneven curb. A new report found that older adults are at risk for a surprising vehicle-related hazard: falls. Here’s how to reduce your risk.
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