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87th Annual Hospital Day and 29th Triathlon
August 6 and 7 Join family and friends for this annual community event. Enjoy traditional favorites, such as the Pancake Breakfast, craft vendors, family fun activities and the Parade. Enjoy new events this year--Battle of the Bands and an outdoor movie on the town green. Visit the link below for more details. Community Crafters Show and Sale, Family Fun Activities, Parade Down Main Street, 1st Annual Battle of the Bands, and the Movie on the Green
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JULY 2011

New London Hospital's 87th Hospital Day & Triathlon are coming. Spend the day on the New London Town Green enjoying food, activities, crafts, the Parade, Battle of the Bands, an outdoor movie and more...
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MyPlate Paints a Simple Picture of Healthy Eating
Quick—how healthy is your family’s meal? Thanks to the government’s new MyPlate icon, now you can tell with just one glance. If half your plate is piled with fruits and vegetables, and whole grains and lean protein fill up the rest, you’ll know you’re serving up good nutrition.
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Could Your Calcium Pills Be Harming Your Heart?
It would be so easy if healthy bones came in pill form. But a new research review suggests that, when it comes to calcium, taking supplements for skeletal health may place your heart at risk. Learn why calcium-rich foods are your best bet for beating osteoporosis, the bone-thinning disease.
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It’s All Relative: Draw Up a Family Health History to Learn Your Risks
You can’t predict the future, but knowing your genetic risks is a good first step. Learn what to watch for by finding out about the health challenges your family members have faced over the years.
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Colorful Produce Offers Some Sun Protection
Sunscreen does a lot to protect women's skin from the sun's harmful rays. But carotenoids, an ingredient found in red, yellow, and orange produce, may fight against wrinkles and other damaging effects, too. Combine a diet rich in colorful fruits and veggies with these safe sun tactics for optimal sun protection.
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Wear Flip-Flops… Sparingly
Got flip-flops? Of course you do—flip-flops are as American as apple pie! But just like eating too much pie can make you ill, wearing flip-flops 24/7 can damage your feet. Learn where to draw the line to keep your feet safe from problems this summer.
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Pick the Right Sunscreen for You
SPF. UVA. UVB. Sunscreen labels have their own unique language. Crack the code to get the best sun protection for you and your family.
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