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New London Hospital is committed to a diabetes education program for individual patients through extensive one-on-one patient meetings with a certified diabetes instructor and has developed a series of community programs focused on managing diabetes for patients and families. These programs are presented several times a year and include such topics as Managing Diabetes on a Budget, Myths and Facts About Diabetes Management, and Managing Diabetes During the Holidays. Join us on November 17 at 6 PM at the Newport Health Center for a workshop on Diabetes Management during the Holiday Season. For more information call 603-526-5067.


What’s New with the Flu?
As fall approaches and the weather starts to cool, flu season can’t be far away. Federal health officials have changed the recommendations for flu shots this season. Find out what you need to know to keep your family healthy.
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CDC Issues New Flu Vaccine Guidelines
Experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have updated their flu prevention and treatment guidelines for the upcoming flu season. An annual flu shot is now recommended for all people ages 6 months and older.
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Stephen Jordan, MD Receives Medical Staff of the Year Award
Dr Jordan is a beloved primary care physician who has been seeing patients at New London Hospital for 23 years. Read about his recent recognition as an "exemplary professional".
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New Guidelines Call for Yearly Mammograms for 40-Somethings
Confused about when to begin mammography screening or how often to get it? The nation’s largest group of obstetricians and gynecologists released new guidelines recommending earlier and more frequent screening for women. Learn why the guidelines were issued.
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Eat More Potassium, Less Sodium for Better Heart Health
You’ve heard that putting down the salt shaker can lower your blood pressure and help your heart. But for even more benefit, pick these up instead: potassium-rich bananas and potatoes. Discover how loading up on potassium while slashing sodium may reduce your risk of dying of heart disease and other causes.
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Basic Training: Build Your Own Boot Camp Workout
This season, stay in shape with your own at-home, boot camp–style workout—no personal trainer, fancy equipment, or gym membership required. The secret to this trendy tone-up is mixing calorie-burning cardio intervals with moves that build strength. Find out how.
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Diabetes? Arthritis? Control Both with Exercise
Are you one of the 10 million Americans hit with the double whammy of diabetes and arthritis? Getting into and staying in the exercise game could help control both conditions. Move past these common excuses to get moving.
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