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Welcome to Kelly Kinney, MD and Rebecca Lozman, DNP, CPNP, MPH
New London Hospital is pleased to welcome two new providers to its Medical Staff. Kelly Kinney, MD joins the New London Family Practice team and is accepting new patients. Dr. Kinney is an experienced physician who has been practicing medicine for more than twenty years. Dr. Kinney may be reached at 526-5544. Rebecca Lozman is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner who will be seeing patients at Newport Health Center, working with Tara Hurston, MD. Ms. Lozman also staffs the Tiger Treatment Center, the school-based health clinic at Newport Middle High School. For an appointment, call 526-5363.
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Feel-Better Tips for Cold or Flu
You’re under the weather—but you can’t miss that big meeting or child’s birthday party just because of a cold. Read on for tips on how to make it through the day.
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Light Drinking Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
Just a few drinks a week may result in an increased risk for breast cancer. Read on for what you need to know about this finding—including strategies to help you cut back.
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Does Your Child Need a Cholesterol Test?
Clothes, the high chair, a favorite stuffed animal—there are some things your little one naturally outgrows. But high cholesterol can follow children into adulthood unless you take steps to stop it. Start by learning about new guidelines, which suggest children as young as age 9 should get their cholesterol levels checked.
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Poor Sleep Could Leave Your Heart at Risk
There’s a new reason to wake up and take insomnia seriously. A study finds troubled slumber may be linked to the risk for a heart attack. Fortunately, the condition is treatable. Stop counting sheep and try one of these tips to rest easier tonight.
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Head Off Your Headaches
The pounding pain, the sensitivity to light and sound…there’s no question that frequent headaches can hamper daily life. But lifestyle choices may help you ease headaches and even prevent them before they start. Find out what you can do to dodge future headaches.
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Fill Up on Salad to Help Cut Down on Calories
What can you eat more of so that you consume less overall? It's not a's salad. Filling up on low-calorie greens may help you eat less at mealtime. But not all salads are built the same. Some may actually make you consume more calories. Learn how to prepare a low-calorie, healthy salad.
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