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MARCH 2012

Track This Number to Check Your Heart Risk
A simple test you can do at home may reveal volumes about your heart health. People whose resting heart rate significantly increased over a 10-year period had nearly twice the risk of dying of ischemic heart disease, a new study finds. Learn how to find and monitor yours.
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Survey: We Know Distracted Driving Is Bad … But We Still Do It
Text-messaging your friend, brushing your hair, reading a map—they all seem like harmless everyday activities. But when you’re behind the wheel, they can be fatal. About 3,000 people were killed in the U.S. last year because of distracted driving, a new government report finds.
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Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive
Your money or your health—when it comes to nutrition, sometimes it can seem like you have to choose. But a few savvy strategies can help you eat right without breaking the bank.
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Missing School Linked to Mental Health Issues
Is there a hidden message in your child’s attendance report? Missing school is a likely route to poor grades. But it may also be a warning sign of depression and other mental health problems. Here’s what to do if your child needs help.
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Pregnancy Raises Your Stroke Risk
Hormone shifts during pregnancy cause many changes—swollen breasts, itchy skin, maybe even a craving for strange foods. Unfortunately, these hormone swings also increase your risk for having a stroke. Learn what steps you can take to decrease your risk both before and during pregnancy.
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Prepare Carefully for More Effective Colonoscopy
Colonoscopy is the most accurate test available to detect colon cancer early, when it’s most treatable. New research shows the test may identify cancer in certain areas of the colon better than others. Properly preparing for your colonoscopy can maximize the effectiveness of this critical screening test.
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