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We have the MRI answer for you if you are claustrophobic!
New London Hospital now offers a much more comfortable experience for you if a regular MRI makes you anxious or claustrophobic. Our new, larger MRI offers almost a foot of free space between your head and the magnet and more than 60% of exam types can be completed with your head outside the MRI. We also offer Saturday appointments. If your provider recommends an MRI, ask about the roomier MRI service at New London Hospital. Your provider's offce can call 603-526-5249 to schedule your MRI.

APRIL 2012

Why Work Out? The Perks Come Sooner Than You Think
Flat abs, skinny jeans, a healthier heart. There are many reasons to work out. Focusing on the rewards that come most quickly, though—such as more energy and time with your friends—could help you stick to your plan and reap both short- and long-term benefits, a new study finds. Find new motivation from this rundown of instant rewards.
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Healthy, Thrifty Snacks for Your Kids
Each snack time presents a weighty challenge: How can you fix your kids food that’s both healthy and affordable? Fortunately, after-school programs across the country have found ways to do it. Here’s how.
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Q&A: Exercise-Induced Asthma
Now that spring is underway, you’re probably eager to get outside and be active. Luckily, exercise-induced asthma doesn’t need to keep you on the sidelines—just follow these Q&A tips.
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Fit Flavonoids into Your Heart-Healthy Diet
Blueberries, apples, and pears may make a great cobbler—but that’s not the only reason to add them to your shopping list. They’re all rich in flavonoids, compounds abundant in plant foods that have now been linked to a lower risk for death from cardiovascular disease. Here’s all you need to know about these key nutrients.
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Don’t Let Bladder Problems Limit Your Life
Make a list of your 10 closest female friends. If they’re like most women in the U.S., half of them have had a urinary tract infection (UTI) or some degree of urinary incontinence. Bladder problems are common, yet difficult to discuss. But you can find relief. Use the following facts on three common bladder problems as a springboard for a discussion with your doctor.
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Low-Cost Ways to Keep Kids Busy This Summer
School’s out, and you have a summer assignment: Find fun activities for the kids that are free or low-cost. Read on for some creative ideas to get you going.
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