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88th Annual Hospital Day Is Coming on August 4!
Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Join the fun on Saturday, August 4 on the Town Green in New London for a day filled with good food, lots of activities for families, the traditional parade at 2 PM and an old-fashioned Spaghetti Supper on Saturday evening with musical entertainment. New this year is a variety of inflatable activities, such as a giant slide and obstacle course. And if you like to shop, the Crafters' Tent is back, as well as the Jewelry Box, the New London Garden Club plant and flower sale, the Bake Sale and hand made knitted items. And don't forget the Teddy Bear Clinic! Start the day with the Pancake Breakfast and enjoy the activities into the evening. events/hospital_days

JULY 2012

How Much Do You Know About Children’s Sports Safety?
Each year, about 38 million children and teens take to the field, track, court, or mat. A new national survey finds major misconceptions among parents and even coaches that may add to the kids’ risk for injury. Learn what you can do to keep kids healthy and active.
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Is Your Salad Actually Healthy?
Salads can be great for your heart. But be on the lookout for dressings and toppings that can pile on the calories and fat.
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Helpful Home Remedies
There’s something comforting about finding a health remedy in your kitchen cabinet. But which home remedies can help—and which ones might end up being harmful?
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DEET Outlasts Other Mosquito Repellants
The spread of West Nile virus across the United States has turned annoying mosquitoes into feared enemies. Unless you plan on staying indoors all summer, recent evidence suggests you stock up on DEET. Not too keen on chemicals? These two natural alternatives can repel mosquitoes, too.
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Prediabetes: Take Action Early to Protect Long-Term Health
Don't mistake the "pre" in prediabetes as a sign that this condition is less serious than the real thing. Women with prediabetes have an increased risk for type 2 diabetes and its complications, including heart disease. Fortunately, women can protect against prediabetes by starting these healthy lifestyle strategies.
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Walking: Sometimes Slower Is Better
Faster is still better when it comes to exercising for your heart. But obese women may want to slow down their walking pace to save their joints and burn more calories.
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