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50 Quick Ways to Burn 100 Calories
Did you know that you could lose 10 pounds in a year by burning just 100 extra calories a day? Read on for 50 ways to burn 100 calories in half an hour or less.
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What Is a Sleep Study?
Are you having trouble sleeping?  Maybe a sleep study is right for you.....
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Wear a Mask to Help Your Heart
Don’t wait for Halloween—if you snore, ask your doctor if it’s time to start wearing a mask. Sawing logs can be a symptom of sleep apnea, a dangerous breathing condition. And new research suggests nighttime masks that treat sleep apnea can also reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular conditions.
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Keep Your Mind Sharp with a Nap
If you long for an afternoon nap, don’t fight it. According to a small study, taking a regular nap as you get older may boost your alertness during the day.
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Are Those Memory Problems a Sign of Dementia?
Is your once sharp-as-a-tack mother having trouble figuring out her checkbook? Or maybe someone in the family repeats himself in the same conversation. Read on to find out whether someone close to you may have dementia.
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Vaccine Makes Shingles Less of a Pain for Older Adults
If you are one of the many who’ve had the classic childhood disease chickenpox, you may be at risk of getting shingles. Now there’s a vaccine available that can protect people ages 60 and older from this painful condition.
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Exercise Protects Older Women Against Falls
When a fall injures an older woman, she may lose some of her mobility and independence. But exercise may be one lasting way to help keep her steady and balanced. Learn how physical activity can help prevent falls.
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