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NLH's Tina Walker Receives Excellence in Child Care Award

Tina Walker, Director of Child Care Services for ABC's Child Care Center at New London Hospital was named one of three professionals in the state to receive the 2012 Excellence in Child Care Award from Early Learning NH. Each year, Early Learning NH recognizes distinguished individuals who represent the best in the field of early childhood education for their outstanding dedication and commitment to helping children reach their full potential.

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Patient Pre-registration Announcement

Our mission at New London Hospital (NLH) is to provide patient-centered quality care for every patient, every time in partnership with patients, families and healthcare providers. Changes are being made to the patient registration process at NLH to ensure that we continue to meet our mission. NLH patients visiting providers in the practices on the 2nd floor will be able to pre-register over the phone and will no longer need to stop in the main lobby for registration.

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5 Tips for Better Fitness
Are you looking to improve your fitness? Maybe a busy schedule or lack of planning is getting in the way. Try these tips to get on track.
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Little Health Resolutions Easier to Keep
If you'd like to improve your overall health, don't assume you have to change your lifestyle in a day. Instead, try to take simple, positive steps to better health. For example, try to take a walk at lunch every day for a week to increase your fitness level.
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Stronger Bones, Stronger Heart Go Together
Being proactive about your health should be a priority when you have heart failure. But is monitoring your bone health on your to-do list? Here’s why it matters.
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Older Adults: Socialize More for Longer, Healthier Life
Most people know that regular, moderate exercise can stave off health problems later in life. But new research shows that participating in social activities may help keep you feeling younger and living longer, too. Find out how to boost your social life for better longevity.
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Eating Whole Grains Can Help Cut Diabetes Risk
A new study adds additional weight to the U.S. government's recommendation to fill up on whole grains. The mighty morsels may protect against diabetes. Discover how to start and end your day more “whole.”
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