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Physician Assistant Joins NLH Internal Medicine

Kristin C. Hampers, PA-C, joins the New London Internal Medicine Practice in March as a Physician Assistant. Some of her special interests include nutrition, wellness education, sports medicine, cardiac and women's health. She has practiced in the field for 17 years in both internal and family medicine and enjoys providing compassionate care for patients of all ages.

Kristin graduated from the Physician Associate Program at Yale University School of Medicine, and completed her thesis on Pediatric Trauma and Injury Prevention.

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MARCH 2013

Fainting May Foretell Heart Troubles
If you’ve ever fainted, you know it’s not a pleasant experience. Scientists now say it could also be a warning sign for your future heart health—even if you’ve had no medical problems before.
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Colorectal Cancer Screening Doesn’t Always Mean a Colonoscopy
You’ve probably heard about colonoscopy. But did you know there are other ways to be screened for colorectal cancer? Find out the different ways to prevent this deadly disease.
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Don’t Get Sidelined by Overuse Injuries
They’re not just for pros—any physically active person can get an overuse injury. Find out how to sidestep these types of injuries and what to do if one occurs.
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Exercise Reduces Risk of Metabolic Syndrome in Older Adults
The potential health benefits of regular exercise seem to cross all generations. The more active people are in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, the less likely they are to have high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, and other unhealthy risk factors that can lead to the metabolic syndrome. Help reduce your risk by staying active.
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To Change, Bolster Your Confidence
Change is hard … and it’s even harder if you’re unsure of your abilities to meet your goals. Find out how to silence the negativity and set yourself up for success.
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