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General Surgeon Joins New London Hospital

New London Hospital (NLH) is pleased announce that general surgeon, Nick Peter Perencevich, MD, FACS, has joined the hospital’s medical staff. Dr. Perencevich earned his medical degree from Harvard Medical School and his Bachelor of Medical Science from Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. Most recently, Dr. Perencevich was a member of a team of providers who traveled to Africa as part of the Rwanda Human Resources for Health (HRH) Program. He worked at Central Hospital University of Kigali in Rwanda to train future surgeons and health professionals.

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MAY 2013

Tips for Surviving Spring Allergy Season
Is spring your season for sneezing? As the climate changes, scientists expect respiratory problems to affect more and more people, begin earlier in the year, and cause more severe symptoms. Here are some survival strategies.
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Losing weight sounds easy enough: Just eat less. But when it comes right down to it, unhealthy eating habits can be hard to break. These three strategies can help you get on track.
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Q & A: How Much Vitamin D?
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Eating Out Tonight? Try These Heart-Smart Tips
Your friend asks if you'd like to go to a brand-new restaurant. Just as you're getting ready to accept, you remember that you're trying to eat heart-healthy. What should you do? Well, don't hesitate...say you'd love to go out! You can still be kind to your heart when eating out. Check out these eight pointers for doing just that.
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Simple Eye Test Can Save Sight
Why treat an eye disease that isn't causing any symptoms? Because early treatment for the vision-robbing disease known as glaucoma may protect your eyes for years to come. What can you do to catch this sly sight thief? Take this one simple step.
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