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JULY 2013

A Secret to Fitness Success
Anyone who’s put off a visit to the gym realizes there’s a difference between knowing you should exercise and actually making it happen. Compelling new research suggests the secret to sticking with a fitness program may be to consider its immediate effects.
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Eat More Fiber to Reduce Stroke Risk
Forget the traditional image of chalky supplements for the gray-haired set. Now, fiber has all the makings of a hot new health craze. The latest finding: More roughage can reduce your risk for stroke.
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Should You Get Genetic Testing?
Cancer. Alzheimer’s. As researchers decipher our genetic code, they’re uncovering more and more links between our genes and diseases. And several companies now offer levels of genetic testing to anyone willing to pay. Read on to consider if genetic testing is right for you.
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Asthma Camp for Kids
Just because your child has asthma doesn’t mean he or she has to miss out on summer camp. Find out what asthma camp entails and how your child can get involved.
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Be Smart About Sunglasses
The right pair of shades can make you look cool. But unless your sunglasses also give your eyes protection against sun damage, they’re a fashion statement you can do without. Learn what to look for when choosing sunglasses.
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Keep Your Cool with COPD
Summertime can be a challenge with COPD. Learn what you can do to ride out a heat wave, safely and comfortably.
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