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Podiatrist, William B. Ferriter Jr., DPM Joins NLH
New London Hospital (NLH) is pleased to announce that William Ferriter, DPM will be providing podiatric services at New London Hospital and the William P. Clough Extended Care Center. Previously, Dr. Ferriter served as a staff podiatrist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in Lebanon, NH and was an Assistant Professor of Surgery (Podiatry) for 25 years at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. He earned his medical degree from New York College of Podiatric Medicine and completed an externship at Lutheran Hospital in Baltimore, MD. His clinical interests include diabetic foot care, sports injuries, biomechanics, plantar fasciitis/heel pain as well as pediatric and adult skin/nail concerns.
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Think Stress Is Harming Your Heart? You Might Be Right
You know your body better than anyone else: how much sleep you need to feel rested, which food gives you heartburn, and how to ward off a headache. Now research shows that if you think stress is hurting your health, you’re probably right about that, too.
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Have Yourself a Gluten-Free Holiday
People with celiac disease look forward to the holidays like everyone else. Unfortunately, they need to approach seasonal breads, cookies, pies, and other baked goods with caution or face the consequences. Learn tips on how you can enjoy a gluten-free holiday.
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Highest-Risk People Benefit Most from Lung Cancer Screening
One in four cancer deaths begins with a tumor in the lungs. Screening saves lives—but it works better for some people than others. A new study sheds more light on who should get CT scans to detect lung cancer.
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Wound Won’t Heal? Frequent Cleaning May Help
If you’ve ever cut, scraped, or punctured your skin, you know your body is an amazing self-repairing machine. But having diabetes or another chronic condition can impair healing. When wounds won’t heal and become chronic, frequent cleaning may help them mend more quickly, a new study finds.
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Healthy, Fresh Baby Food May Ward Off Some Food Allergies
For children with severe food allergies, every birthday treat or lunch hour poses a health threat. New research, though, suggests parents might be able to help prevent some food allergies before they start.
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