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American Hospital Association Appoints NLH CEO as Delegate

Bruce King, President and CEO of New London Hospital (NLH) has been elected by the American Hospital Association (AHA) to serve as a Section for Small or Rural Hospitals delegate and a member of the Policy Board starting in January 2014. The AHA's Section for Small or Rural Hospitals has over 1600 small or rural hospital members and works side by side with state and regional associations to monitor the issues and concerns facing its constituents, develop policy, and identify solutions. April 2013 marked King's 10 year anniversary as President and CEO of NLH. Prior to this role, King was the Vice President of Contracting and Network Development for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Alliance and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic organizations in New Hampshire and Vermont.


New Heart Health Guidelines: What Do They Mean for You?
If you’ve ever taken statins to lower your cholesterol, talked with your doctor about taking them, or even just had an interest in heart health—listen up. National heart experts just released new rules for protecting your cardiovascular system. And the results could change the way your doctor manages your heart health. 

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Help Your Kids Make Healthy Choices
Some kids are natural athletes. Others are happier picking dandelions in the outfield than getting in the game. And almost all children will run to the ice cream truck before they’ll hit the veggie stand. Eating right and exercising are important for all young ones. Here’s how to set yours down the path to a healthy life.

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Workouts-But Not Physical Work-Can Lower High Blood Pressure
Exercise is one way to lower risk for high blood pressure—a condition that affects about one in three American adults. But a new study suggests that even people whose jobs include plenty of physical activity should find time for recreational exercise to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

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Do ‘Tip-of-the-Tongue’ Moments Signal Memory Decline?
“Tip-of-the-tongue” experiences—when you can’t recall the name of something you know—can be embarrassing for people of all ages. While they do occur more often among older people, a new study suggests that they don’t necessarily signal more serious memory problems like dementia.

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Women: Don’t Delay Treatment for Fibroids
In three years, a student can complete law school, the warranty on a car might expire, and a newborn grows into a toddler. Most women with fibroids—benign growths in the uterus—wait longer than that to seek treatment. Find out why, and how new therapies could help them.

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