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The Gold-Medal Secret to Avoiding Sports Injuries
Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an Olympic athlete, injuries can disrupt your fitness routine. But you can take precautions to stay on track. Strength and balance training could reduce your risk of getting hurt while exercising by as much as half, according to a new research review.
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Save Your Teens’ Hearing
Any experienced parent knows teens often don’t listen. Increasingly, though, the trouble may come not from their stubborn personalities but from their inner ears. Loud music has left one in six teens with hearing loss—and most parents without a clue.
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Women Need to Learn More About Pelvic Floor Disorders
The Golden Girls. Sex and the City. Girls. Every generation has its famous female foursome. But for every four women age 20 or older, one struggles with a pelvic floor disorder. A new survey finds that lack of knowledge about these issues may prevent many women from seeking treatment.
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Most People Ignore Fast-Food Menu Calorie Counts
If you rattle off your fast-food order without a second thought for its nutritional content, you’re not alone: Six in 10 people don’t notice calorie counts posted on fast-food menus, a recent study finds. Here’s how you can do better and use restaurant calorie counts to keep your waistline in check.
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Research Suggests Reason for Heart Health Gender Gap
Scientists have long known that women have a lower risk for heart disease, especially in their younger years. Now scientists have started to uncover the reasons why. What they’ve found may surprise you.
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Pregnant Women Have Higher Blood Clot Risk If Hospitalized
Pregnant women have a more than 17-fold increased risk for potentially deadly blood clots if hospitalized prior to delivery, a new study finds. Immobility, which causes clots, may be the cause. Find out when you’re at risk for blood clots, and learn some easy ways to prevent them.
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