Support Relief Efforts in Haiti
Global Health Ministry, sponsored by Lourdes' parent organization Catholic Health East, has been sending teams of volunteer medical professionals to Haiti since 1998. In light of the tremendous earthquake that struck the country on Jan. 12, Global Health is mobilizing medical teams and accepting donations to help rebuild Hospital St. Francis de Sale in Port-au-Prince. Drop boxes for cash donations are set up in our hospital gift shops.
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Prevent the Spread of H1N1
Although cases of H1N1 flu are on the decline, Lourdes Health System remains vigilant. Visitor restrictions remain in place in order to protect our patients, visitors and staff.
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When Should I Get My Mammogram: Sorting Out the Guidelines
The latest debate over breast cancer screenings may leave you with more questions than answers. At what age should you begin mammography screenings? How regularly do you need them? How useful are breast self-exams? Learn what you need to know to make the best choices for your breast health.
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What's Health, What's Hype? Guides to Better Food Choices in the New Year
Have you made a New Year’s resolution to try to do a better job with your diet? If so, you’ll need to watch out for misleading labels and products only posing as nutritious.
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Sleep Apnea Sufferers: Lose Weight, Improve Symptoms
Does your loved one snore? Occasionally gasp for breath or seem to choke during sleep? If so, he or she may have obstructive sleep apnea, a common condition that can lead to serious cardiovascular problems. But a new study offers evidence that shedding weight can significantly improve symptoms.
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Pulling Your Hair Out at Work? Stress and Hair Loss Actually Related
Stress can contribute a host of other medical conditions, including heart disease. But did you know it actually can cause your hair to fall out?
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Rapid Pulse May Signal Higher Heart Attack Risk in Women
A recent study suggests that a high resting heart rate may mean a woman has an increased risk for heart attack. Find out what your pulse may portend—and how to address your risk.
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