A New Era in Emergency Care
Meet former Phillies pitcher Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams, take advantage of health screenings, meet the staff and tour the new Lourdes Emergency Department at DEBORAH on Saturday, Feb. 27 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Located on the campus of Deborah Heart and Lung Hospital in Browns Mills, the state's newest, full-service emergency facility will serve residents of central Burlington County and surrounding communities.
For True Medical Emergencies, Think Lourdes!
Having a Stroke? Rush to Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center
With a stroke, time lost is brain lost. Lourdes is committed to being one of the top hospitals in the country for providing aggressive, proven stroke care. Recently, the hospital's efforts garnered the 2009 American Heart Association/American Stroke Association's Get With The Guidelines Stroke Gold Plus Performance Award.
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Dizziness: Serious Conditions Can Keep Your Head Spinning
It’s not uncommon to feel dizzy from time to time. Often, standing up too quickly is the cause. But experts believe more than 40 percent of Americans will experience dizziness that’s serious enough to cause them to seek medical attention. Read on to find out the causes of dizziness and what to do.
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Aching Feet? Your Hoofers May Be Telling You Something
You might be tempted to “walk off” foot pain. But some common foot ailments can lead to long-term discomfort or complications if not treated promptly. Learn what those ailments are and what to do about them.
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The 9-to-5 Grind Might Be Doing a Number on Your Heart
Pounding head? Trouble sleeping? Upset stomach? Aching back? Your stressful job may be to blame. Work stress can even affect your health in ways that you can't feel. Research shows that high job strain can double your risk of dying from heart problems. To keep job stress in check, take the following advice to heart.
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TV and Day Care: A Bad Combination?
Your little one may be getting more tube time at day care than you think. A new study finds kids in home day care settings watch the most TV. Find out how much your child may be watching and what to do about it.
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Can Bariatric Surgery Cure Diabetes?
Studies show that bariatric surgery can greatly improve the lives of obese individuals living with type 2 diabetes. Can the surgery eliminate it, too?
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FREE This Month! Lourdes Healthy Giveaway
Lourdes Health System wants to keep you healthy. Take advantage of our monthly FREE giveaway that could help you change your life today!
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