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JULY 2011
MyPlate Paints a Simple Picture of Healthy Eating
Quick—how healthy is your family’s meal? Thanks to the government’s new MyPlate icon, now you can tell with just one glance. If half your plate is piled with fruits and vegetables, and whole grains and lean protein fill up the rest, you’ll know you’re serving up good nutrition.
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Wear Flip-Flops… Sparingly
Got flip-flops? Of course you do—flip-flops are as American as apple pie! But just like eating too much pie can make you ill, wearing flip-flops 24/7 can damage your feet. Learn where to draw the line to keep your feet safe from problems this summer.
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Heart Patients: Live Longer by Getting Help for Depression
If you have heart disease, it’s important to follow your treatment plan, take medications as prescribed, and adopt a healthy lifestyle. But new research suggests you should pay attention to your mental health, too. Findings show that suffering from depression may shorten your life.
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Mammograms Cut Breast Cancer Deaths
Ladies, here's another reason not to skip getting a mammogram. New research has found that regular mammograms can reduce the number of breast cancer deaths by nearly one-third.
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What's the Best Way to Do a Skin Self-Exam?
According to the experts, skin cancers are almost always curable if found and treated in the earliest stages. But how can you tell the difference between a harmless beauty mark and a dangerous mole? And what if that spot has always been on your elbow—you just never noticed it before? You can improve your chances of detecting skin cancers by performing a skin self-exam every month. What to look for? Check out the seven signs of possible skin cancer.
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Grilled Lemon-Sage Chicken
Spice up your next barbecue with this delicious grilled chicken recipe.
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family at the beach

Don't Get Caught in a Sandtrap!
Get into the swing and help support the Lourdes Health System at our annual golf classic on Monday, October 3. The event at the Tavistock Country Club in Haddonfield includes golf, meals, drinks, raffles and much more. Sponsorship opportunities also are available.
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Lourdes Expands Cardiac Services
Lourdes Health System has acquired South Jersey Heart Group, one of the largest cardiology practices in southern New Jersey with 17 cardiologists and offices in Camden, Burlington and Gloucester counties.
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