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Seven Tips to Avoid the “Seasonal Seven” Holiday Weight Gain
Do you have a weakness for your sister’s cherry cheesecake or your cousin’s cookies? The holiday season is filled with tasty obstacles that can trip up your weight-loss goals. These seven tips can help you get through the holiday season without gaining weight.
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Skip the Hot Dogs, Pass on the Bacon to Lower Your Risk for Diabetes
If you were told that a simple dietary swap could reduce your chances of developing diabetes, would you do it? Find out how you can help lower your risk for this serious disease by rethinking the foods you eat.
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For Heart Health, Every Minute of Exercise Counts
Think you can’t exercise enough to have an impact on your health? Take these new study findings to heart: You can make a real difference in your risk for America’s number one killer in less time than it takes to watch your favorite sitcom.
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Three Myths About Lung Disease
Most of us know something about the two leading U.S. causes of death: heart disease and cancer. But the number three killer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), remains a mystery to many. Find out who’s affected by COPD and what symptoms to watch out for.
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Men Can Get Breast Cancer, Too
Breast cancer is not just a women's disease. While it occurs rarely in men, breast cancer often is caught at a later, less-treatable stage. Find out your risk and symptoms.
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Cantaloupe with Balsamic Berries and Cream, Applesauce Gingerbread
From the chefs at Lourdes Health System, these two delicious recipes are perfect for your holiday table.
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Help Save Our Lady
The statue of Our Lady of Lourdes has served as a beacon of hope for the residents of Camden for more than 60 years. This August, the East Coast earthquake caused the 30-foot-high, 15-ton statue to shift several inches and crack. This month, crews removed her for repair. You can help cover the significant costs of repairing this landmark by donating to the Lourdes Health Foundation's Our Lady Fund.
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Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County Named Top Hospital
Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County has been named a top hospital in Burlington County by the Burlington County Times newspaper. This is just another indicator of the superior patient care provided by the Lourdes Health System.
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