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Your Family's Heart Health May Affect Your Own
With heart disease as common as it is, chances are you've had a relative who has had it. Should you be concerned? Find out how your family's heart problems could affect your heart health--and what you can do to reduce your risk.
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Both Mediterranean and Low-Fat Diets Are Good for the Heart
There’s more than one heart-healthy way to eat. If you enjoy a glass of wine at night and love fish and nuts, you might want to try the Mediterranean diet. On the other hand, poultry fans who don’t mind avoiding alcohol might prefer a more traditional low-fat diet.
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Five Habits Help Men Beat Heart Attacks
Five healthy lifestyle choices can help men reduce their risk for heart attack and heart disease by 62%. But even adopting just two or more of these good habits can lower a man’s risk.
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Rapid Pulse May Signal Higher Heart Attack Risk in Women
A recent study suggests that a high resting heart rate may mean a woman has an increased risk for heart attack. Find out what your pulse may portend—and how to address your risk.
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Four Factors Make a Big Impact on Your Heart
According to recent studies, nine out of 10 cases of heart disease are caused by just four factors. See what they are--and what you can do to dodge these risks.
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Cut the Salt to Help Your Heart
As the number one killer of both men and women in the United States, heart disease is everyone’s concern. One often overlooked way to lower your risk? Cut down your intake of sodium. Find out where sodium lurks in your diet and how you can eat less.
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Recipe of the Month

Recipe ImageYou want to eat healthier, but you love those good ole recipes passed down from generation to generation. From appetizers to desserts to good nutritional tips, each month a yummy recipe taken from the Heart Smart Home Cookin' cookbook will be featured as our 'Recipe of the Month'. Each recipe has been modified for healthier eating and living.
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SC Heart Gallery
The South Carolina Heart Gallery is an exhibit featuring portraits of foster children in hopes to secure permanent homes for these children. Roper Hospital will host the exhibit February 2 through April 30.
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Amazing Health Expo
This year's Health Expo will be held on Thursday, March 4 and is your chance to ask questions to a variety of medical experts on topics such as sex and aging, heart disease, back pain, diabetes and even a cooking demonstration!
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