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Study Reveals Calories, Not Diet Plan, Key to Weight-Loss Success
Confused by diet hype? Unsure whether high-protein, low-fat, or reduced-carbohydrate eating will lead to weight-loss success? New findings show that the best diet may be the one that most easily fits into your lifestyle. Why? It’s not the focus on types of foods that’s important, but the ability to stick with a plan that cuts calories.
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Anti-Aging Scams: Common Tricks Identified
Look younger! Erase wrinkles! Restore your sex drive! Marketers love to make great claims like these to reel you in. Be careful, though, because there are a lot of scams out there. How can you tell if a product is too good to be true? A new study uncovered some common tricks that scam artists use. Learn what to look out for.
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Could That Sore Throat Be Strep?
There are many possible causes for a sore throat. One is strep throat, a bacterial infection. How can you tell what’s causing your sore throat and how should you treat it?
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Vitamin B Keeps Immune System Healthy
A flu shot isn't your only defense against sniffles and coughs. Vitamin B also can help ward off infections, such as the flu and the common cold, by keeping your immune system in good shape. See how you can add more B vitamins to your diet.
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Eating Out May Be Linked to Rise in Obesity
It’s not your imagination: Many of us are dining out more than we used to. According to one estimate, Americans are now 40% more likely to eat food from restaurants three or more times a week than they were 20 years ago. A government-sponsored study is asking restaurants to make it easier for diners to make healthy choices. But you don’t have to wait for restaurants to take action. Discover what you can do the next time you sit down to the chef’s special of the day.
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Smoking May Trigger Early Menopause
Think menopause starts in your 50s? Think again—especially if you’re a smoker. A new study shows that cigarettes increase your risk of entering menopause before age 45.
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Recipe of the Month

Recipe ImageYou want to eat healthier, but you love those good ole recipes passed down from generation to generation. From appetizers to desserts to good nutritional tips, each month a yummy recipe will be featured as our 'Recipe of the Month'. Each recipe has been modified for healthier eating and living.
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Baby Boot Camp/Mt. Pleasant Hospital
This is a special class for expectant and new parents to learn important baby care techniques, including safety, bathing and diapering tips. Tuesday, November 23 at 6:30 p.m., $15 per couple. Class will be held in the Mount Pleasant Hospital, 3500 Highway 17 North. To register, please call 402-CARE (2273).
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