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Worn Out? Low on Energy? Women Want to Learn Why
Since January is Thyroid Awareness Month, now is a good time for women to consider their thyroid health. Pervasive fatigue is the most common symptom of an underactive thyroid and affects more women than men. Here are some other health issues that can cause women to be low on energy.
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Winter Blues Don’t Have to Cast a Shadow on the Season
When winter approaches, do you glide into a gloomy mood? Do you crave starchy foods? Do you notice changes in your energy level and sleep more? If the shifting seasons seem to affect you this way, then you might have SAD.
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Avoid the Diet Trap to Make Weight Loss Resolutions Last
Every year millions of Americans resolve to lose weight or stop the upward spiral on the bathroom scale. But only some are successful--at least permanently. What really works? Try not to fly by willpower alone. Instead, use these strategies to help your resolve against bulge.
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Protein: How Much Is Too Much?
“Double-Decker Burgers!” “Char-Broiled Steaks!” Drive down Main Street in Anytown, U.S.A., and the restaurant signs say it all: Americans are big on protein. But how much protein do you really need?
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Excess Pounds Weigh Heavily on Cancer Risk
Some risk factors for cancer are obvious and well-known. Others might, well, creep up on you over the years. Take, for instance, those few pounds of "winter weight" that find you every year...and don't always "get lost" come spring. Harmless? Afraid not. Check out how extra weight can affect your risk for cancer and other killers.
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Five Disease-Fighting Foods Benefit Women
All food is not created equal. Certain “super foods” may offer disease-fighting benefits for women.
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Recipe of the Month

Recipe ImageYou want to eat healthier, but you love those good ole recipes passed down from generation to generation. From appetizers to desserts to good nutritional tips, each month a yummy recipe will be featured as our 'Recipe of the Month'. Each recipe has been modified for healthier eating and living.
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New Bariatric and Metabolic Services
We know losing weight is hard, but we’re here to help. The new Roper St. Francis Bariatric and Metabolic program can help you transform your health with comprehensive care and a lot of support. Take the first step towards becoming a healthier you by attending one of our free weight loss information sessions. Sessions held every Thursday 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, Mall Classrooms. Call 402-CARE to register.
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Families for a Healthy Heart
Families for a Healthy Heart is a community outreach initiative of Roper St. Francis Heart & Vascular Center, which aims to educate the whole family about healthy eating, the need for exercise and prevention of heart and vascular disease. The 2011 program kicks off January 22 and offers six sessions, covering various aspects of healthy living. All are welcome, registration is required. Please call (843) 402-CARE to register or for more information
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