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An Exercise Prescription for Your Personality
Do you avoid exercise or embrace it? How you answer that question could be related to your personality. But your traits and tendencies don’t have to dictate your activity level. Finding out what physical activities best suit you can motivate you to get moving.
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Healthy Habits Help You Get the Sleep You Need
If you wake up tired day after day or find yourself nodding off easily, you're not alone. Experts say 20 million Americans have problems getting enough sleep. In many cases, poor sleep habits are to blame. Find out how to make the most of your snooze time.
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Simple Self-Care Keeps Immune System Healthy
Every day, a woman's immune system faces threatening viruses and bacteria. These organisms could cause everything from colds to infections. But you can help your immune system build its defense against germs by following these five simple strategies.
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Winterize Your Exercise
Don’t use cold weather as an excuse to stay on the couch until spring. Find out how you can work with the cold—not against it—to spice up your exercise routine and keep your New Year’s resolutions.
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Recipe of the Month

Recipe ImageYou want to eat healthier, but you love those good ole recipes passed down from generation to generation. From appetizers to desserts to good nutritional tips, each month a yummy recipe will be featured as our 'Recipe of the Month'. Each recipe has been modified for healthier eating and living.
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Know Your Stats About Prostate Cancer – An Evening with NFL Star Lynn Swann
Join NFL Steelers great Lynn Swann and Roper St. Francis urologists for an educational and light-hearted evening that will highlight the importance of knowing your risk for prostate cancer. And, rest assured there will also be plenty of football talk. Thursday, January 26, 6 - 8 p.m. at the Charleston Marriott on Lockwood Drive. Cost: $30, includes a multi-course dinner. To reserve your spot, call 402-CARE.
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