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Computers and Your Child’s Eyes: Cause for Concern?

Your child’s eyes may feel tired, heavy, or seem less sharp after logging a lot of time on the computer. But these symptoms are only temporary, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Using computers won’t harm your kid’s eyes.

But if you want to reduce any temporary eyestrain your child may have, here’s what to try:

  • Position the monitor so it is about 20 to 25 inches from your child. If you can, raise or lower the chair or monitor so the screen is a little below your child’s eye level.
  • Reduce glare on the screen by closing blinds or lowering the light in the room. Glare filters also can help.
  • Remind your child to take frequent breaks.

Another note about kids and eyes: Children often don’t tell parents if they are having trouble seeing. So ask your pediatrician to check your child’s eyes at every well-child visit. Children who might have vision problems can get help from a pediatric ophthalmologist or another eye care specialist.

Last reviewed: July 2012

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