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You need immediate care for a health emergency, but do you really need to go to an emergency room? Summit Medical Group's Dr. Corey Smith dispels some common myths about health emergencies and discusses why Urgent Care can be a better choice for treatment.

Could Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help You Sleep?
Chronic pain. Cancer. Post-traumatic stress disorder. Alcohol dependence. A wide range of mental and physical conditions can rob you of a good night’s rest—which can, in turn, worsen your health. But a new research review suggests cognitive behavioral therapy can break the cycle, reducing insomnia in people with medical problems.
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Healthy Weight? Your Drink Could Still Increase Your Diabetes Risk
Think you’re immune from diabetes because you’re at a healthy weight? Think again. Type 2 diabetes can strike people of all shapes and sizes. And according to a new study, your choice of beverage can significantly increase your risk. Here’s what to avoid—plus smarter sips.
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Switch to Generics and Save

Sure, generic drugs are cheaper, but how do they stack up against the name brands when it comes to quality? In nearly every case, the generic drug is the better choice, says Summit Medical Group's director of Pharmacy Services Laura Balsamini

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Got Back Pain? Add Water to Your Workout
Looking for a fun way to exercise that will help relieve lower back pain? Turn to your local pool. Many people with back pain find exercising in water less painful than land workouts. Find out how you can get started on your waterborne workout.
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The Road to Health is Paved with Good Preventions
The Road to Health Tour is Summit Medical Group's brand awareness campaign promoting health and wellness and creating opportunities for friends, families and local community members to engage in conversations and activities centered on living a healthy life. Summit Medical Group shares a collective goal of helping its communities to Live Well, Stay Well.
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BRA Day Celebration, Wednesday, 10/21, 6PM
In support of The American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s fourth annual Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day observance, Summit Medical Group is hosting a BRA Day Celebration. We will be honoring all strong and courageous women that have endured being diagnosed with breast cancer. The BRA Celebration event is open to anyone that is contemplating breast reconstruction, has gone through breast reconstruction or has a general interest in learning more about it. The event features special guest speaker Assemblywoman Nancy F. MunÞoz, District 21 (Morris, Somerset and Union), Sponsor of the Breast Cancer Patient Education Act, and also includes bra fittings, massages, door and raffle prizes and refreshments
Registration Required
Run for Your Life at the SMG Foundation 5K, Sunday, 10/25
The Summit Medical Group Foundation will host the "Run for Your Life" 5k Run / 1.5 Mile Walk to promote health and wellness. This will be a festive, family -friendly event with food and beverages, live music, awards, goodie bags for participants and activities such as a Teddy Bear Clinic and face painting for the kids as well as “Ask the Medical Expert.” All proceeds of the race will support the Summit Medical Group Foundation’s initiatives, including fostering health and wellness in our community.
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