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Our Newest Video Open Enrollment/Special Enrollment – the ACA Explained!
Is there anything more confusing than the Affordable Care Act? Summit Medical Group is here to help. In-house insurance expert, Peter Saunders, explains the difference between Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment under the Affordable Care Act. Tune in to this SMGRadio podcast to get a better understanding of your health insurance enrollment.

Tips for Business Travelers with Diabetes
Business travel can be a bother. Time-zone changes, airplane food, and temptation to stray from a healthy diet at business lunches and dinners are just some of the foibles. The stresses of business travel can't be avoided, but they can be lessened with some know-how and planning.
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Children, Adolescents, and Hypertension
Imagine hearing a diagnosis of hypertension at an annual checkup—for your child. Contrary to popular belief, high blood pressure is not just a risk for middle-aged adults and elderly. Children and adolescents can also suffer from hypertension, and this condition brings long-term risks for their health. A recent study shows that children with hypertension can become hypertensive adults. In fact, the number of children and adolescents with hypertension has been growing during the past decade. Is your child at risk?
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Surprising Contact Lens Mistakes You’re Probably Making
More than 40 million American adults wear contact lenses. And according to a new survey, nearly all contact lens wearers make at least one mistake that could lead to a painful eye infection. Follow this advice to keep your lenses comfortable and safe.
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1 in 5 Teens Miss Out on Medical Treatment
Some teens don’t have insurance or the funds to pay for a visit to the doctor. Others fear judgment, stigma or doctors spilling their secrets. For all these reasons—and probably others—many teens don’t receive the health services they need. The impact could extend into adulthood.
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Take A Drive Down The Road To Health

Road to Health Tour is ramping up to focus on spreading the health, and we want you to join us as we create happier, healthier communities, one event at a time. With dedicated ambassadors helping to steer the way, such as Shayamala Baskaran, the Live well. Stay well. message is getting more traction than ever!
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When the situation is urgent, our network of Urgent Care Centers are here to help, including our newest Urgent Care Center at 140 Park Avenue, Florham Park! Summit Medical Group offers a fast, reliable alternative to hospital emergency department visits. From breaks and bad sprains to abdominal pain, our Urgent Care Center locations all provide coordinated, convenient and comprehensive care when you need it most — with no appointment necessary! With shorter wait times, board-certified emergency medicine physicians, and emergency medicine nurses with advanced cardiac and pediatric life support certification, you can count on a reliable and more affordable alternative to an emergency department visit.
Hours and phone numbers for Urgent Care
Now you can book certain appointments online for your Internal Medicine or Family Medicine provider 24/7, even when the office is closed! Online appointment scheduling is currently available for sick visits and follow-up appointments with internal medicine and family medicine providers ONLY. Additional appointment types and provider offices will be added in the near future!
Save time with the SMG Patient Portal

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