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Are you worried about getting the flu this winter? Many Americans are. Flu season typically starts in October and can last as late as May . . . and there is a flu outbreak every year. Flu viruses are always changing, and it’s hard to predict which strain this year’s will be—but it is never too late to get ready. To learn how, tune into SMG Radio and hear internal medicine specialist Dr. Sweetie Mehra talk about protecting yourself from the flu.

Recognizing, Acting on Stroke Symptoms Can Save a Life
Think health symptoms that go away are nothing to worry about? Think again. Symptoms of a ministroke may last only a minute or two, but failing to recognize them and get treatment right away may have deadly consequences. Learn what to watch for.
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Plain Soap Just as Good as Antibacterial Soap, Study Says
Americans spend about $1 billion each year on antibacterial soaps. But are they really any better at killing germs than regular soap? A new study reveals the truth.
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New Treatment for Double Chin
Diet and exercise are the two most recommended ways to reduce unwanted fat. However, some areas of the body, such as the chin, may not respond to these efforts. If you are bothered by double chin, The Plastic Surgery Center at Summit Medical Group is offering a new, FDA-approved nonsurgical treatment to improve the appearance of double chin. Learn more!
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Is Your Child Safe at the Store?
Shopping during the holidays—or at any time—can pose several risks for young children. Read on for some tips to make shopping safer for your family and for others, too!
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When the situation is urgent, our network of Urgent Care Centers are here to help, including our newest Urgent Care Center at 140 Park Avenue, Florham Park! Summit Medical Group offers a fast, reliable alternative to hospital emergency department visits. From breaks and bad sprains to abdominal pain, our Urgent Care Center locations all provide coordinated, convenient and comprehensive care when you need it most — with no appointment necessary! With shorter wait times, board-certified emergency medicine physicians, and emergency medicine nurses with advanced cardiac and pediatric life support certification, you can count on a reliable and more affordable alternative to an emergency department visit.
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Sports-related injuries are always unexpected. The only option for these injures used to be the Emergency Room . . . and hours of waiting. Summit Medical Group’s Orthopedics and Sports Medicine offers Walk-In Injury Hours dedicated to quickly diagnosing and treating orthopedic emergencies such as fractures, tears of muscles and ligaments, bruising of bones, and sprains. We offer immediate care to help you get back in the game! Walk-Ins are always welcome. No appointment is needed and you are guaranteed to see an orthopedic or sports medicine specialist at your visit!
Now Open in Bridgewater and Florham Park

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