JUNE 2016
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Our Newest Video Central Auditory Processing Tests
Does your child seem to have a problem hearing in the classroom? Children may pass a standard hearing test but still have trouble hearing in the classroom because they have central auditory processing disorder (CAPD).

These are not children with general hearing loss, but they do require professional evaluation and treatment. In this new SMG Radio Podcast, Tiffany N. Colon, AuD, audiologist at Summit Medical Group, discusses the latest developments in Central Auditory Processing.

Three Screenings Provide Key to Men's Health
According to the National Institute of Health, men between the ages of 40 to 64 should get checkups every year that include but are not limited to screenings. The number and frequency of screenings should be discussed with your physician, but here are some general recommendations.
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New Prescription Guidelines Aim to Curb Painkiller Abuse
Many patients who come to the doctor complaining of pain leave with a prescription for opioid medications. In fact, doctors wrote enough orders in 2012 to give every American adult a bottle of pills. And unfortunately, about 2 million of them abuse or misuse these painkillers. Now doctors are taking steps to battle the issue.
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Cold Turkey or Cutting Back Slowly: What Works Best for Smokers?
Pick a quit date. Circle it in red. When it arrives, toss your last pack in the trash. Smokers have received this advice for years—now, a new study puts this abrupt method head-to-head with gradually tapering off. Find out which worked best, and how to make it work for you.
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Lifestyle Changes Reduce Cancer Risk for Men
Men are at higher risk for some cancers than others. This information can be used to tackle risk factors and reduce men's chances of getting common cancers. Making certain lifestyle choices is the key to preventing common cancers. Which habits are best? Here are some tips.
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To Lower Blood Sugar, Bump Up the Exercise
Summit Medical Group patient, Lillian Philburn, found that regular exercise helped her manage her Type2 diabetes.  Read more about this role model's secret to success!
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NOW IN OUR WARREN OFFICE: Comprehensive Orthopedic Services
Summit Medical Group proudly announces the opening of its new orthopedic and sports medicine practice. Located in Warren, the practice offers a full complement of orthopedic services to the community.The group of experts includes six board certified and fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons who are widely experienced and respected in their fields. From diverse backgrounds, they include the former Assistant Team Physician for the Miami Dolphins and current Team Orthopedic Surgeon for the Somerset Patriots. The Warren orthopedists specialize in treating everyone from “weekend warriors” to professional athletes. Six doctors, yet one team caring for all chronic and acute orthopedic conditions!
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FREE HEALTH LECTURE: Ditch Unhealthy Habits, Permanently
Wednesday, July 6, 2016, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM. You know what you need to do to have a healthier life, but you just can’t seem to make the changes to get you there. Our specialists offer insight into how good and bad habits are formed, and how to turn things around. (Hint: You don’t need to change everything at once.)
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