JULY 2016
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Our Newest Video Trying to Quit Smoking?
Summit Medical Group now offers “Stop Smoking Now,” a patient program to give patients skills to quit smoking and stay smoke free! Find out more from Andrew Beamer, MD, cardiologist with SMG’s Cardiopulmonary Center and Katherine DiDonato, PhD, clinical psychologist with SMG's Behavioral Health and Cognitive Therapy Center.

Travelers Advisory: Zika Virus
As the Zika virus continues to make headlines around the world, it is important that travelers going abroad to the Caribbean islands, Central or South America, or Southeast Asia/Pacific Islands protect themselves against mosquito bites. To date, there have not been any locally transmitted cases of Zika.
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Pulse Foods Can Help You Shed Pounds
Most weight-loss plans focus on cutting back. But a new analysis suggests what you add to your plate can also make a difference in your waistline. Learn exactly which foods fall into the “pulse” group—and how to use them to control your appetite.
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Is a Cool, Connected Hearing Aid for You?
Are you struggling to hear friends and co-workers, but not wanting everyone to know you have a hearing aid? Our audiologists offer an array of inconspicuous models with plenty of connectivity options.
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Where You Live May Influence How Much You Move
Could your ZIP code help you escape a major public health crisis? Maybe, if findings from a new study hold up. Residents of well-designed cities might find themselves walking, running, or even riding public transit away from the global inactivity pandemic.
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Survey Says: Skip the Hot Dogs to Lower Your Risk for Diabetes
If you were told that a simple dietary swap could reduce your chances of developing diabetes, would you do it? Find out how you can help lower your risk for this serious disease by rethinking the foods you eat.
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FREE LECTURE: Brush Up on Blood Sugar-- Aug., 24, 7PM
Whether you’re newly diagnosed with diabetes or have had it for years, there’s always something to learn. For one thing, you may be missing out on some tasty, healthy foods. Hear what the research says about cinnamon and other ingredients that may help tame blood sugar.
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SAVE THE DATE: Summit Medical Group Foundation Golf Invitational
Join us for the 4th Annual Summit Medical Group Foundation Celebrity Golf Invitational on Monday, September 26, 2016 at Hamilton Farms Golf Club, Gladstone, New Jersey. Players will enjoy 27 outstanding holes of golf -- 9 holes on the Hickory Course (the only USGA-rated Par 3 course in the US!) and 18 holes on the traditional Highlands Course.
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