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Our Newest Video Managing Type2 Diabetes: "How2" Read a Nutrition label
Controlling your Type2 diabetes is easier when you know how to read a nutrition label.
Summit Medical Group Certified diabetic Educator, Roger Warn, MD, RDE, CDE explains how to read a food label and use its information to live well and stay well.

Does Cancer Run in Your Family?
Thinking about your cancer risk could keep you up at night, especially if others in your family have had cancer. Learn how SMG's Genetic Counseling Center helps people sort out their risks and learn whether genetic testing is recommended.

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For Some, Anxiety—Not Depression—Comes with Bipolar Disorder
Psychiatrists chose the name “bipolar disorder” because people with this mental illness swing between high and low moods. Now some experts believe one form of the condition involves anxiety instead of sadness. Understanding different types of bipolar disorder could help more people receive an accurate diagnosis—and effective treatment.
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Want to Beat Diabetes? Lower Your Stress

Looking fit and being healthy aren’t the same.  Just ask Jim Hurtado, a Fanwood resident with Type 2 diabetes, he has worked out his entire life.  At the gym, he runs five miles and lifts weights six days a week. At age 51, he looked great, but he felt unwell.

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More Muscle Reduces Risk of Dying for Heart Patients
Could hitting the weight room extend your life if you have heart problems? Perhaps, an intriguing new study finds. Building muscle seems even more important than shedding fat in preventing death from cardiovascular disease. Here’s what you need to know about the findings—and how to start your own strength-training routine.
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DEET Outlasts Other Mosquito Repellants
The spread of Zika and West Nile virus across the United States has turned annoying mosquitoes into feared enemies. Unless you plan on staying indoors for the rest of the summer, recent evidence suggests reconsidering DEET. Not too keen on chemicals? There are two natural alternatives can repel mosquitoes, too.
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SAVE THE DATE: Summit Medical Group Foundation Golf Invitational
Join us for the 4th Annual Summit Medical Group Foundation Celebrity Golf Invitational on Monday, September 26, 2016 at Hamilton Farms Golf Club, Gladstone, New Jersey. Players will enjoy 27 outstanding holes of golf -- 9 holes on the Hickory Course (the only USGA-rated Par 3 course in the US!) and 18 holes on the traditional Highlands Course.
Tee Off with SMGF!
SAVE THE DATE: SMG Breast Care Center 5th Anniversary Celebration!
Thursday, September 29, 2016: 6 - 7 p.m. -- Reception open to public; 7 - 8:30 p.m. -- Lecture and panel discussion w/Q & A. Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Summit Medical Group Breast Care Center with our physicians and staff, survivors and supporters, at an anniversary reception, lecture, and panel discussion. The lecture by SMG breast care experts focuses on how to prevent and reduce your risk for breast cancer and its recurrence. The panel discussion examines lifestyle changes, the obesity connection, tomosynthesis, and understanding the current imaging guidelines.
Reservations Required

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