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Menopause Tries to Go Green
Most pharmacies have a shelf of over-the-counter “natural” products to treat menopause symptoms. And there are many more being hawked on the Internet. It seems plausible that some of these should work--they have stood the test of time. But what is the evidence?
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Get Supplement-Savvy:
Government Guidelines & More
Finally! Some supplement safety information that’s amazingly easy-to-swallow. Learn more here about government guidelines regarding the use of supplements.
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The Vaginal Infection Connection:
Why & How to Treat
Another downside of fluctuating hormones at menopause is the increased possibility of vaginal infections. Learn more about what you might expect here.
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Book Review: A Hot and Bothered History
Want the lowdown on the history of menopause? See our reviewer’s take on Hot and Bothered: Women, Medicine, and Menopause in Modern America by Judith A. Houck. Readers are always urged to read guidebooks developed by NAMS, too. Still browsing? Read more NAMS book reviews.
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