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It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Flu Shot
Still haven't gotten your flu shot? It's not too late. Each year, one in five Americans get the flu and 36,000 die. While this year's influenza season started early, getting a shot now will still afford you protection through the winter and spring.
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New Year, New You: Kick the Habit in 2013
Each year, smoking causes nearly 450,000 deaths in the United States, primarily from lung cancer. And if that's not sobering enough, think about this: cigarette smoke contains many of the same chemicals as car exhaust. Make 2013 the year you quit for good.
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Don’t Let Heartburn Spoil Your Holiday Season
Big meals, sweets, parties—the holidays are a time to let loose and overindulge. Yet if you're one of the millions of Americans who suffers the discomfort of heartburn at least once a week, the season can be less than joyful. Learn how what you eat, how much you move and other lifestyle choices may reduce how often that fiery feeling strikes.
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Avoid Kidney Failure with Successful Diabetes Control
Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, yet often symptoms of chronic kidney disease are not recognized until it's too late. Learn some smart strategies to slown down, and maybe even prevent, diabetes-related kidney problems.
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For Health’s Sake, Hold the Salt
Think you do a pretty good job limiting the amount of salt in your diet? You may be eating more than you realize, and every bite is increasing your risk of developing heart disease. Learn the many sources of sodium in your diet and what you can do to really cut down.
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Recipe of the Month: Peter Pumpkin Squares
This easy-to-make recipe will be a delicious addition to your holiday table!
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A Place of Healing: Living Springs at Lourdes
Lourdes Health System recently opened Living Springs at Lourdes, a behavioral health program for military women suffering from conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, substance abuse and other forms of trauma. Located at Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County, Living Springs is the only program of its kind on the East Coast. It joins a select number of similar behavioral health centers located in Texas, Oregon, Utah and Arizona.
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Lourdes Launches Smartphone App to Connect Mobile Users with Health Info
In an effort to make pertinent health information readily accessible, Lourdes Health System has partnered with iTriage, a free consumer healthcare application, to link consumers via a smartphone to vital medical information and local medical services from virtually anywhere. iTriage provides mobile device users quick and easy access to medical symptom information, possible causes and treatments, along with GPS-based directions to the closest and most appropriate medical facility for their particular condition. Lourdes iTriage users also will be able to find out detailed information about Lourdes Health System services.
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