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MARCH 2013
The Answers on Vitamin D
Vitamin D has been in the news a lot lately. But before you add a supplement to your daily routine, check the facts and speak with your doctor.
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Fainting May Foretell Heart Troubles
If you’ve ever fainted, you know it’s not a pleasant experience. Scientists now say it could also be a warning sign for your future heart health—even if you’ve had no medical problems before.
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Colorectal Cancer Screening Doesn’t Always Mean a Colonoscopy
March is National Colorectal Awareness Month, and you’ve probably heard a lot about colonoscopy. But did you know there are other ways to be screened for colorectal cancer? Find out the different ways to prevent this deadly disease.
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Your Guide to Preventing Sprains, Strains and Shin Splints
You can't prevent every bump, scrape and bruise during childhood. But you can help reduce your child's risk for sports injuries such as strains, sprains and shin splints.
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Pregnant? Even Small Amounts of Alcohol May Be Dangerous
The occasional sip of beer or glass of wine might not seem like a big deal to a mom-to-be. However, a large new study suggests even small amounts of alcohol in utero affect children’s intelligence years later.
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LourdesCare at Cherry Hill: A Vision of the Future
Lourdes Health System this month opened LourdesCare at Cherry Hill, South Jersey's new one-stop destination for health and wellness.
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Recipe of the Month: Chicken Salad Blues
Does making the same old chicken salad again and again give you the blues? You won't be with this version.
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Lourdes Has Top Docs!
Congratulations to Drs. Craig Kimmel, sports medicine; Sean McMillan, orthopedics; Margaret Fernandes, neonatology; and Matthew Gettings, family practice, for being named 2013 Top Docs for Kids by SJ Magazine.
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Buy Your Dance Raffle Tickets
Can't make it to The Dance 2013: Masquerade? You can still support Lourdes by buying a ticket in the Dance 50/50 Raffle. Tickets are $50 each and put you in the running to win the grand prize of $10,000. Prizes of $1,000 and $500 also will be awarded. Entries must be received by Wednesday, April 3.
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