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MAY 2013
Apps that Help Get You Moving
Use your smartphone or tablet computer to rev up your fitness routine and enhance your spring training.
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Good Habits Today Can Prevent Heart Failure Tomorrow
Don't be fooled by the name—heart failure does not mean your heart stops beating. But it is a serious condition and it affects more than 5 million people in the U.S. Learn who's at risk and what you can do to prevent it.
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Manage Risk Factor to Prevent Second Stroke
If you have a stroke and survive, there's a one-in-three chance that you will have a second one within five years. Lifestyle choices like not smoking, controlling your blood pressure and exercising can help reduce your risk.
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Boomers: Get Tested for Hepatitis C
If you were born between 1945 and 1965, you're five times more likely than other adults to be infected with hepatitis C. Learn why Hepatitis Awareness Month is the perfect time to be tested for this life-threatening liver disease.
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New Report Backs the Safety of Childhood Vaccines
Experts consider vaccines one of the most effective ways to protect children. But some parents wonder if the shots are too many, too soon. Now, a new report has examined the safety of the entire vaccine schedule. Here's what every parent should know
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Try 3 Simple Changes to Whittle Your Waistline
Losing weight sounds easy enough: Just eat less. But when it comes right down to it, unhealthy eating habits can be hard to break. These three strategies can help you get on track.
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Recipes of the Month: Terrific Tilapia
Americans' preference for tilapia's mild white flesh has made it the fourth-most popular fish in the country. Fortunately for fish lovers, tilapia's nutrition numbers only add to its appeal: One 3-ounce serving contains a slim 110 calories.
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Get PromptCare at Lourdes Burlington
Strains, sprains, cuts and burns often need immediate medical attention. But why spend hours in an emergency room? Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County is proud to introduce PromptCare, combining the speed of an urgent care clinic and the full resources of a hospital. PromptCare is open late for your convenience and aims to get you treated and back home in an hour or less.
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Lourdes Supports Servicewomen and Families
Lourdes was proud to be a commercial sponsor of the Lifetime movie "Call Me Crazy," about a returning female war veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder. Living Springs at Lourdes is dedicated to the behavioral health needs of servicewomen, veterans, spouses and dependents. If you know someone with PTSD or would like more information, call 609-835-3400 or visit www.lourdeslivingsprings.com.
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