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APRIL 2014
Have Low-T? Testosterone Therapy May Raise Heart Disease Risk
Stronger bones and muscles. Better sexual health. More energy. Testosterone therapy promises all this and more to men with low hormone levels. But now, new research has raised concerns about the risk for heart attacks and strokes in some men who take it. And the FDA has launched an investigation as a result.
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New Warning Sign of Heart Failure
Shortness of breath is a common problem for people with congestive heart failure. It can occur during activity, at rest or even while sleeping. Doctors now say that gasping for air while performing a simple act like bending over to tie a shoe can be a sign a patient's condition has worsened and new treatment is needed.
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Saving Lives through Organ Donation
Many of us donate blood. We don't often think who will receive our donation, yet we know it will help to save someone's life. But would you donate a kidney or other organ to someone else?
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Uterine Fibroid Embolization Offers Relief from Fibroids
One in four women of childbearing age suffer from uterine fibroids, benign tumors which can cause heavy, prolonged and painful periods. If you have fibroids, learn about your options for relief.
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Survey: Americans Baffled by Sugary Beverages
Milk, fruit juice, diet soda—do you know which drinks conceal hidden sugars? A new survey suggests many consumers don’t. And since almost 36 percent of added sugars in the American diet come from beverages, this mix-up could place your waistline—and your health—at risk.
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Recipe of the Month: Orange Couscous with Almonds, Raisins and Mint
A dietary staple of Mediterranean cuisines, couscous is tiny pasta made of wheat or barley that serves as a quick and versatile side dish. This easy recipe is low in sodium, but not in flavor. Try it with chicken, beef or lamb.
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Lourdes Urgent Care Coming to Cherry Hill
Urgent Care is coming to LourdesCare at Cherry Hill this spring. Located at 1 Brace Rd, just across from Ponzio’s, LourdesCare offers one-stop convenience. Our experienced clinicians will diagnose and treat conditions in the Urgent Care center such as: cough, cold, and flu; sore throats and sinus infections; cuts and scrapes; broken bones, sprains and strains; allergies and asthma; urinary tract infections; and ear and eye infections No appointment necessary. Stay tuned for details.
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Lourdes Hosts Spring Blood Drive
Lourdes Health System will hold its spring blood drive on Tuesday, May 27 from 2 to 7 p.m. in the conference room at LourdesCare at Cherry Hill, 1 Brace Road. All presenting donors will receive a free American Red Cross t-shirt.
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