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MAY 2014
Should You Take Hormones for Menopause?
For years, doctors prescribed hormones to treat the hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings that came with the onset of menopause. But after a 2002 study found that hormone replacement therapy could increase a woman's risk of heart attack, the practice came to a screeching halt. New research now says that timing could be the key for postmenopausal women to benefit from hormones.
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Losing Sleep Linked to Gaining Weight
Sleep is important for more than just your happiness and productivity. New research shows that if you don't get enough shut-eye, your risk for obesity goes up. Here's what your sleep habits today might say about your waistline tomorrow—and what you can do.
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Get Up, Stand Up: Balance Exercises Can Help
A keen sense of balance is the Rodney Dangerfield of fitness goals—it gets no respect. But consider this: Without the ability to stay on your feet, it would be difficult for you to exercise at all. Learn how to work balance improvement exercises into your workout.
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Protect You and Your Families from Measles
You probably thought that measles were a thing of the past. But cases of measles are surging across the United States at the quickest pace in 20 years, fueled by unvaccinated people traveling abroad and then spreading it back at home. Protect yourself and your family by getting vaccinated.
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Don’t Let Varicose Veins Ruin Your Summer
For those who suffer from varicose and spider veins, summer often is not a favorite season. From self-consciousness about wearing leg-baring shorts or bathing suits to increased discomfort, the months of hot weather can seem unforgiving. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments that can help.
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Recipes of the Month: Sample Berries’ Bounty
What food is colorful; low in calories, fat, and sodium; cholesterol-free; high in fiber and vitamin C; and full of flavor and cancer-fighting antioxidants? It's the berry, naturally: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and other varieties. Eating just a cup of any of these superfoods can satisfy half the daily recommendation for fruit. Enjoy these delicious recipes this Memorial Day and all summer long.
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Lourdes and Camden Riversharks Promote Colorectal Cancer Awareness
Colorectal cancer is second-leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. While colonoscopy is the gold standard and the most powerful weapon in colon cancer prevention and detection, a large percentage of the population is not being tested. To educate the public on the importance of this life-saving test, Lourdes and the Camden Riversharks partnered to produce a video showing mascot Finley preparing for and having his first "colonoscopy." Follow Finley on his path to colorectal health!
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Opening Soon! LourdesCare at New Hanover
Lourdes is excited to open LourdesCare at New Hanover, your convenient one-stop shop for expert radiology and physical therapy services in northern Burlington County. Located on Wrightstown-Cookstown Road, between Bolling Boulevard and Keller Avenue and only minutes from the military bases, LourdesCare at New Hanover promises greater access to our nationally recongnized clinicians and advanced diagnostic and treatment services. Stay tuned for more opening information.


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