Keep Your Resolutions
Do you set resolutions for the new year, and then have trouble sticking with them? Attend this seminar to learn how to make successful changes.
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Heart Problem Can Mimic Heart Attack
Chest pain. You might feel it as you sprint up some stairs or in the midst of a stressful day. Are you having a heart attack? Maybe not. It could just be angina, a common sign of heart disease. Read on to learn more about the symptoms.
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Good News Is Brewing on the Benefits of Tea
What's simmering in your teapot could actually be good for your heart and health. New findings show that drinking tea can help lower cholesterol, adding to other research on the health benefits of tea.
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Women Don't Have to Vigorously Exercise to Lose Weight
Stop killing yourself on the treadmill. All that sweating isn't necessary to lose those extra pounds. Moderate exercise, such as walking, may be just as effective for weight loss. Find out how you can measure the intensity of your workout.
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Sight-Saving Strategies Lower Later Risk
Keeping your eye on health can help you prevent many vision problems later in life. As we age, nearly half of us will get at least one chronic eye disease. However, eye problems don't have to be as inevitable as gray hair.
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Sleep May Prevent Cancer
Forget about having a good hair day. These days, it seems like more people are worried about getting a good night's sleep. Besides saving your sanity, a restful slumber also can help lower your risk of cancer. Try some of these tactics to catch some quality shut-eye tonight.
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Seasonal Affective Disorder: When the Doldrums Become Depression
The longer, darker days of winter can make anyone feel sluggish and low. But for some people, diminished daylight hours can trigger SAD, or seasonal affective disorder. Could this form of clinical depression be behind your recent mood change?
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